Hi! I'm Kimberly, but you can just call me Kim. I am wife to the most amazing husband and momma to the sweetest little 2 year old ever. My passion for photography began when I got a camera for my eighth birthday and then intensified later when I took Photography Class every semester in high school.

I absolutely love LOVE and I love documenting it. My goal is to capture beautiful and pure emotion. I love to capture that one moment in time that can be preserved in a photo. I want you to look at your photos and feel something! 

I am a fine art film photographer (yes, real film that has to be developed!), although I do use a digital camera if needed. Think of me as your creative director. I will direct you so that you can feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and get the gorgeous and emotive photos you want!

I am a listener, not a big talker. If you ever just want to vent about something (you're having an issue with wedding planning, or people aren't RSVPing on time, or anything!) call me! No, really, I mean it! I'm your photographer, but I am also here to make your wedding go smoothly, and if I can take any stress away from you by just listening, I'm here!


Things i love

- Bravo TV (any of the Real Housewives!)

- Anthropologie, BHLDN, and Nordstrom (basically shopping in general)

- The beautiful Rocky Mountains!

- Donuts and Thai food (not at the same time- well, only just that one time when I was pregnant!)

- Sitting on the couch with my daughter, eating popcorn

- Anything having to do with eyeglasses (I used to be an optician!)