1. When choosing outfits for you and your family/fiance, don't be too matchy matchy. Wear outfits that compliment each other. Think about which colors will go well together and have the styles (i.e. casual vs formal) match.

2. Wear things that won't date your outfits. Like if this were in the early 90's/ late 80's and you wore the biggest shoulder pads you could find. Try to find a nice balance between timeless and stylish. 

3. Keep makeup on the neutral side. This goes with #2. I wore brown lip liner for family photos because it was THE style that year, and my sister still makes fun of me for it!

4. Don't wear all black or all white. I know this kind of contradicts what I said in #1, because they are great colors that go with everything. But, they tend to be harder to photograph. If you love wearing black, wear grey. For lighter neutrals, beige and blush are great as well. Blue and green tend to look great in photos too!

5. Stay away from most patterns if possible. But, with that said, I absolutely love florals and plaid in photos!

6. Make sure your outfits coordinate with your location. For instance, if we are taking photos on a hiking trail, you probably don't want to be wearing stilettos (unless you are known for wearing stilettos everywhere, then go ahead!). Think about patterns with this as well (i.e. you probably wouldn't wear a plaid flannel to the beach). 

7.Choose a location that's important to you! For engagement photos, if you are both into the outdoors, let's find a beautiful outdoor spot! If you bonded over your mutual love of coffee, let's take some photos at a cute coffee shop!

8. Go online and research photos that you like. If there is a particular pose or something you want to incorporate, make sure I know, and we can try it. It'll either work for you or it won't, but there isn't harm in trying it. 

Vanessa and Nick- Kim Faves (12).jpg

9. For engagement photos: Bring chapstick and extra lipstick if you wore any. You'll probably need to reapply a few times, because you might end up kissing a lot!

10. For engagement photos: I'll probably take a close up photo of your hands/fiance's hand and ring. So make sure your nails are clean and maybe do a quick clear-coat or light pink coat the morning of. You might also want to clean your engagement ring before. Just use a clean toothbrush to get in any crevices. Or alternatively, have it polished professionally.

11. Last but not least, have fun! Try not to be too anxious or serious. I know it can be hard, especially if you are camera shy,  but you'll be so much happier with the end result if you let your guard down and let your true self shine!

If you have any questions about what to wear or location, just ask! I'm more than happy to give you an opinion.